What is a Seam Ring?

A seam ring gives the impression of wearing a continuous ring that has no clasp or hinge, they can be plain or decorative. There is a small “seam” located at one point on the ring. To open and close the piece, the ring needs to be held onto at either side of the seam and bent open or closed. Though failure to bend the seam properly can permanently warp the piece.

Why choose a Seam Ring?

While there is a bit of a learning curve to changing your own seam rings, it is possible, especially in certain piercings like lobes & septums, or even well healed helixes & nostrils. However, we feel seam rings are best suited for piercings that customers don’t plan to change on a very regular basis - to help protect the integrity of the perfect circular shape. Seam rings are largely more affordable to purchase than clicker styles, because they are much easier & less time consuming to manufacture.

How does it work?

When bending the two sides back into place, try to make the two ends "kiss" each other so they'll line back up with no gap in the seam.

Pulling the two sides apart into a "C" shape will permanently warp the piece.