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Aurora Charms

Aurora Charms

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The Aurora charms come in several sizes and can be worn many different ways. Each pink tourmaline is set in 14k yellow gold and features two decorative beads on the side. Jump rings fit posts or rings up to 12g (pictured on rings - rings not included).

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How do I wear a charm or chain on my piercing?

While some end and rings are sold with chains as an inherent part of the design, chains & charms can also be attached to nearly any kind of body jewelry to add even more to a look. Some chains will have a jump ring at either end, meant to be connected to either the front and back of a single piercing, or to be attached between two different piercings. They’re extremely versatile and can be worn in so many different ways. Other charms or chains will have just use one jump ring, meant to be looped onto one post or ring.